John Chervinksy, An Experiment in Perspective, Studio Physics & Ron Loranger, That Pink

John Chervinksy, An Experiment in Perspective, Studio Physics

Rear gallery: Ron Loranger, That Pink

Exhibition Dates: March 15 – April 13, 2014 
Reception for the Artists
: Saturday March 15th, 2-5 pm
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Galerie Youn will be presenting John Chervinsky’s first exhibition outside U.S. borders. A Harvard University laboratory engineer and a photographer, Chervinsky examines notions of perspective and optics, and the nature of time, light and space. He wonders, “What would happen if the interval of image capture one chose was measured not in seconds, but in weeks?”

The works presented in Montreal are drawn from two major series by the artist, “An Experiment in Perspective” and “Studio Physics,” which have attracted the attention of a number of American media outlets, including The Los Angeles TimesThe Boston Globe and The Wall Street Journal.

Physics experiments

In “An Experiment in Perspective,” the photographer worked with a pair of slate blackboards John Chervinsky - Hand of Man - archival print - 28” x 23” - 2006and reflective panels. Chalk drawings become spatial tools, and found objects act as sculptural elements. The works, which look like whimsical scientific demonstrations, are meant to be an “experiment in perspective.” What then remains of a sculpture when it is photographed in two dimensions? Why, in a photo, does the chalk drawing on slate seem to float in the air? Setting aside equipment and optical science, can we see the universe from any fixed point and at any given moment?

For the series “Studio Physics,” Chervinsky first composed a still life, which he photographed. He then sent a portion of the image to a factory in China so that it could be reproduced in paint. This painting, mailed from China to the United States, was then reintegrated into the original installation and photographed once more. It’s a process by which the American artist incorporates the representation of his creation throughout its evolution and across its movements through time and space.

At the heart of the “blobettes”

At the same time, in a second room, Galerie Youn will be showing the series “A Certain Rose” by Ron Loranger - <Marbled Blobette - watercolour and ink - 22inx30in - 2013the Franco-Ontarian artist Ron Loranger. Established in Toronto, Loranger is known for his “blobettes”—mini-universes that float in space-time and evolve into more complex life forms. Loranger creates drawings inspired by images seen on television, his cell, Facebook and Instagram, which he then incorporates into watercolours awash in droplets. Time plays a part in the composition: the artist gives the pigments free rein to make a primordial paper-and-pigment soup. Out of it, a work emerges. Movement, temperature and humidity are captured in these puddle-universes. It’s a case of natural beauty colliding with random symbols and text.

About the Artists

John Chervinksy

John Chervinsky is a self-taught photographer and an engineer working in the field of applied physics. Since it first opened at the Griffin Museum of Photography in 2005, his “Experiment in Perspective” series has been traveling the country including solo exhibits at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory Art Gallery, Batavia IL, Michael Mazzeo Gallery, NYC and Blue Sky Gallery, Portland OR. His work is held in numerous public and private collections including the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; Museum of Art, Portland OR; and Fidelity Investments Collection.

Chervinsky spent eighteen years running a particle accelerator at Harvard University and has collaborated with museums, using accelerator technology in the analysis of art. He currently works for Harvard’s Rowland Institute for Science, originally founded by Polaroid’s Edwin H. Land. He lives in Somerville, MA with his wife Kirsten.

Ron Loranger

Originally from Kapuskasing, Ron Loranger is a Franco-Ontarian visual artist based in Toronto. His practice, usually entitled “Blobettes”, involves watercolour and India ink on Arches paper, but also takes the shape of painted installations in urban settings.

Loranger is very much involved in the world of artist-run centres: indeed, he has been part of several boards and committees, such as B.R.A.V.O.-SUD, Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario (GN-O) and Le Labo.

His professional experience includes exhibits in private galleries in Toronto, New York City and Berlin, and in public galleries, such as Kapuskasing’s Galerie Paquin, the Sudbury Art Gallery and the Glendon York University Gallery. He also took part in the Biennial of Textile Art in San Jose (Costa Rica) and the Fair of Alternative Art of Sudbury (FAAS). His works are part of private collections throughout North America and Europe.