Group exhibition 555

Selected gallery artists and invited artists were asked to create a brand new work. In this exhibition, we are presenting drawings, paintings, photographs, sculptures, a whole variety of mediums.

Annyen Lam, Bobby Mathieson, Bruno Leydet, Casey McGlynn, Chris Austin, Christine Kim, Erin Loree, Jay Dart, Jeffrey Wang, Jesse Boles, Jonathan Savoie, Jordan Clayton, Kit King, Oda, Lana Filippone, Louis-Bernard St-Jean, Mark Liam Smith, Mark Puchala, Maxwell Hyett, Michael Caines, Nicholas Pye, Oda, Osheen Harruthoonyan, Paul Saari, Peter Chan, Phil Taylor, Phill Hopkins, Robin Crofut-Brittingham, Ron Loranger, Sarah Nind, Sébastien Gaudette, Yuriko Kubota and Zin Helena Song.

Here are some of the works, visit us at the gallery to see more.